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Changes to the Hackney Disability Register known as the Key

7 August 2015

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25th June 2015

 Dear Sir/Madame,

I am writing to update you on the changes to the Hackney Disability Register known as the Key. The information on the register helps us plan services for children with disabilities in Hackney.

The Disability Register is the statutory duty of the Local Authority to maintain under the Children Act 1989.

From the 1st September the Disability Register will be managed by the Short Break Service team which is part of the Local Authority. The register was previously held by the health team. The information held on the register will be subject to the same confidentiality restrictions.

Information on the Key will be checked and transferred to the Short Break register so we have one register from 1st September 2015. If you do not want your information to be held by the Short Break team please contact them on 0207 014 7109.

The Short Breaks team will continue to send regular newsletters to all families who are registered and will manage the discounts card which is so popular. With our new Local Offer website ( we will be reviewing how we can continue to offer new opportunities to families in Hackney.

We look forward to your continued support by being part of the Disability register.

Kind Regards,

Toni Dawodu (LBH)                     Dawn Jarvis (CCG)