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Newlifeable – Action to help disabled and terminally ill children in the UK

26 October 2015

About Newlifeable

Every day, Newlife nurses hear of children who are desperate for essential equipment that will make a real difference to their lives. Equipment that can enable a child to go to school, sleep at night free of pain, speak to their parents for the first time or visit grandparents. Newlife is committed to making a difference through its Equipment Grant and Loan Service, but even so thousands of disabled children and families continue to go without.

With a UK wide chronic shortage of such equipment, we have responded by creating a suite of equipment that has been donated by local statutory services. These items may not be needed in one local area but could help thousands of children who do need the equipment across the UK. Each item has been clinically cleaned, refurbished and certified in line with Medical Health Regulatory Authority (MHRA) guidelines and is now readily available, free of charge to help enable a disabled child.

For more information on this service please see our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.

Eligibility Criteria

Newlife has three very simple criteria :

  1. My child is not yet 19 years old. Newlife helps disabled and terminally ill children up to their 19th Birthday.
  2. My child is a permanent resident in the UK. Newlife is able to support children who are permanent residents in the UK only.
  3. My child has a significant disability.

If you feel you are eligible for any of our products, please feel free to contact us for more information.

Call Newlife on :  01543 431 465 or email: