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Short Breaks FAQs

Get answers to the most frequently asked questions about the Hackney Short Breaks service.

Short Breaks Hackney

How long will my application take to process?

We aim to process applications within five – Ten working days. Sometime during in busy periods such as before the summer it might take longer.

Do I have to send original supporting documents?

Yes we will photocopy the original and send it back to you. Alternatively you are welcome to come to Hackney Learning Trust and make photocopies in the Library.

Can I choose more than one provider?

There is some flexibility with choosing providers. For example, you can use one provider for your term time provision and another for your school holidays. If you would like to do this please speak to the short breaks team.

Can a provider come to my house?

We have 5 providers on our short breaks Framework that offer an ‘Outreach’ service. This can be used out in the community or in the home. We recommend families contact providers before making their choice so they can discuss the options available.

Is this all I receive? I want more Short Break hours for my child

Short Breaks provision is calculated on a pro rata basis. Every child is entitled to 6 hours per month term time and a number of days during the school holidays during the academic year. If you feel that your child needs more support because of his/her disability you can contact the First Access and Screening Team (FAST) on 0208 356 5500, they will then carry out an assessment.

I have received confirmation that my child has been accepted onto Short Breaks, what do I do/ happens next?

Your confirmation letter will include a list of providers and information on Individual Budgets. You need to choose what service you would like to use and let us know via phone or email, we will then make an official referral.

Individual Budgets - How much am I going to receive?

Each child’s payment is calculated on a pro rata basis so it will depend on the time of the year you choose Individual Budgets. First time users will receive a payment for the first three months. After the funds are spent you will have to hand in your receipts and invoices. After we have checked these and ascertain that you can manage IB we will raise a payment for the rest of the financial year. We recommend families to use the funds within the time frame allocated. It must be used before the end of the financial year, 31st March.

Can you use my individual budget to pay for a carer?

Yes, it will be your responsibility to appoint someone you know and trust or you can employ someone from our approved agency list.

Can I use it to pay for travel or transport?

Yes it can be used to pay for your child’s transport to a short break activity. Remember you need to budget these funds to cover the timeframe allocated so we recommend you seek the lowest cost for transport. Petrol costs are covered only for long journeys.

Can I use it to pay for a sibling?

It can be used to pay for a sibling if you consider this to benefit you as a Short Break. We do expect you to contact the places of interest in advance to make sure you get the best concession rate possible.

Can I pay for the carer to access activities?

We understand that on some occasions the cost of the carer to access an activity might be necessary but we expect you to contact the places of interest in advance to make sure you get the best concession rate possible.

Can it be used to purchase equipment?

No, however you can apply for a Short Breaks Capital Bid. This is a one off grant available to bid for an item/or items of equipment with the aim to increase the volume and range of short break provision for your young disabled child or young person. This could be a trampoline, bike, musical instruments, computer etc.

I’ve been waiting for some time, why haven’t I received my payment?

During busy periods such as at the beginning of the financial year there might be a slight delay. We will try our hardest to get payments to families as soon as we can and aim to employ support staff during these busy times.

When do we have to send receipts in?

Families need to log their spend in the receipt books provided. We still need families to keep their receipts and invoices safely at home as we will be carrying spot checks.

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