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HIT Squad

The Health Integration Team (HIT) squad is a team of health professionals who work within Short Breaks. We aim to improve access to leisure activities for all children with additional needs in Hackney.

The team is made up of Aoife (Physiotherapist), Debi (Occupational Therapist), Emily (Speech and Language Therapist) and Cathy (Clinical Psychologist).


We can use our specialist therapeutic knowledge to:LOGO hit squad 2016 WITH WORDS

  • Offer training to any leisure provider in Hackney to improve access for all children/young people with additional needs.
  • Support Leisure Providers in Hackney to set up new groups or adapt existing groups to support inclusive play.
  • Provide specific support to any child/young person known to the Short Breaks team. We aim to work together to make sure that the leisure activity meets the child/young person’s individual physical, behavioural, sensory or communication needs- particularly if they are having difficulty accessing the leisure activity of their choice.


Please get in touch if you, your child or young person might need help with any of the following….

    • Ensuring that the facility/activity that is chosen can meet the child/young person’s needs
    • Supporting the child/young person within the setting (including joining them for their first visit, monitoring how they settle in and helping to solve any problems if they arise)
    • Training the staff working at the service so that they feel confident in meeting the child/young person’s needs
    • Helping to source funding for specialist equipment (if appropriate) to make activity more inclusive

We work with all activities within Hackney. We accept referrals from parents, professionals and activity providers.

For more information contact:
020 7014 7025/ 07950 391 706